The concept of our training facility is to have something affordable for everyone! We believe we have created the solution in our demographic. We are the areas only world class premier private training facility open to all.


What we are not?

We are not an open gym. Everyone training inside our facility is working with a coach/trainer/instructor in some form or facet. We are not an open gym,we are a Training Facility. Our staff and facillty is equipped to help everyone from 6 year olds to 90 year olds. De-conditioned, sedetary, over-weight, injured to the more advanced level of general fitness enthusiast or Elite Athlete. We pride ourselves on being instructors of quality movement.



Justin Mikhael & JP Mikhael
Owners, ISSA Certified


Meet Our Trainers

Rhaiza Johnson
Personal Trainer

John Blatz
Personal Trainer

Kristen Ormsbee
Personal Trainer

Michael Matz
Personal Trainer